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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Chicago Rocks / Thursday-Friday edition

I had an absolute blast in Chicago this past weekend! I went with my office for the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. I won't bore you with crazy details...or maybe I will. We arrived Thursday night on the Amtrack train and were greeted by the longest Hummer limo I've ever seen. We packed 16 of us inside with our luggage. Took it easy Thursday night and Friday morning went to a CE class. Friday afternoon I ventured into the city with a couple friends. We ate at Russian Tea Time, very good and the waiter was delicious (yes I said waiter). After lunch we went to The Art Institute of Chicago, it was fabulous.

With a quick stop in Millennium Park to see the giant bean we were then off to the top of the John Hancock Center for some afternoon cocktails.

This is a view of the Sears Tower from the John Hancock.

Me in my Ritz Carlton robe & slippers! The hotel was amazing. And there were a few celebrity sightings...more of that later.

Friday night we hung out at The House of Blues for a little music and conversation. Saturday edition up next...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chicago Bound

I'm hopping on a train tomorrow morning for Chicago, I'll be back sometime next week.

This photo has nothing to do with Chicago, it just reminds me of Spring which should be right around the corner...I know it's there somewhere!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Curling is Cool

Last night I bathed my Clapotis in Eucalan and blocked it. This morning I took the pins out and it didn't budge, no lovely curling and twirling (or is it twizzling?) like it did before blocking. Ahoy, Blingo please tell me about blocking Clapotis. Half way down the page is a link to Kate's blog (the designer) and it says specifically in order to keep the curls, don't bother blocking! So back to the bath it went and now I'm in the process of unblocking my Clapotis. No photos today, sorry!
Will a little merino wool tide you over??

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I finished it today!! I'll give it a bath and block it hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday.
Secret Pal 7:
In case anyone's wondering if I'm a slacker, I'm not. I've already sent 3 packages and she loved them all.
My secret pal's been keeping touch, remember I received this awesome package? Thanks again SP7!
I've decided on the embossed leaves sock pattern, I have the pattern and the yarn so hopefully I'll cast on soon.
New blogger on the block:
I helped out KnitPastis a while back with some knitting woes and now she's started her very own blog, check it out!
Remember I made big plans to be creative last week? Well, it didn't work out as I planned. I did manage to get in a lot of R & R and I knit a Clapotis!
I leaving for Chicago on Thursday so you won't hear from me for a while but I do plan to get some knitting done so all won't be lost in the knit blogging world.
I'm not such a fan of ice dancing, I just realized this. However, I did enjoy the new snowboard cross.
This morning I finished My Friend Leonard by James Frey, I liked it better than A Million Little Pieces. Next up? The Sparrow by May Doria Russell.
I'm annoyed that I have to get back at it tomorrow, I've had fun staying home.

One last thing...I kiss my dog on his lips, how could you resist this face? ;-)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Absolutely NO Knitting

Have I knit at all in the last 24 hours? Nope.
Last night we went for a quick dinner, a trip to the book store and a movie. Look what I already found in the magazine section!

After the book store we braved the cold and went to a late movie. Now, you must know something about me. I fall asleep during every movie, I mean every movie...including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the noon showing! Last night we went to the 10:30 pm showing of The World's Fastest Indian and I stayed wide awake the whole time and when it ended I looked at Kyle and said "I didn't want it to end". This movie was fabulous and based on a true story. Even if I wasn't into motorcycles I would have enjoyed it.

Today we helped some friends at their new house. A glass floor was placed and we mixed oodles of cement to form the soaking tub. Good times but very sleepy...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Gimme a "C"

C for Clapotis.
I'm loving this! I'm over 1/2 way and I can't seem to put it down. Needless to say, my Jaywalker sock looks exactly the same as it did yesterday. Exactly.

I have a feeling I'd like to knit the clapotis again in the Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb but choosing a colorway is a huge setback for me. I was pleased that I had this yarn in my stash, I think it's turning out lovely.

It's -8ยบ today

Yes that's negative eight degrees. Here's what I found Casey doing about 10 minutes ago, soaking in what little sun he could find and snoozing of course.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Agony of Defeat

For those who haven't knit Jaywalkers just skip right ahead and look at the picture.
I was cruising right along on my Jaywalker, and when I went to turn the heel my stitches didn't add up. Hmmm...I thought I counted correctly. Nope, I cast on 4 stitches too few. I didn't think anything of it while knitting the leg, I was counting the stitch after the slip 2 tog as 1 of the 7. Therefore, my zig-zags are 7-6-7-6-7-6-7-6. It looks fine and I adjusted the numbers for the heel and kept on going. This particular sock is the slowest going sock I've ever knit so there was no way I was going to rip.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How Many Chibis Does One Girl Need?


OK, OK, I'll elaborate on all my Chibi's. They are darning needle cases, no bedroom toys...quite small don't you think? Everyone wants to know where I got the clear ones. All at LYS: *correction* orange-The Yarnery in St Paul, blue-All About Yarn in Coon Rapids / Borealis in St. Paul, green-Yarn Garage in Rosemount. Since I don't really need yarn and find myself in a yarn shop I go for the cheap but cool accessories instead! Now I have a Chibi near every seat in the house and in each one of my knitting bags!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic Knitting Update / Day 5

My Olympic Knitting challenge was to knit a pair of socks and a mini clapotis. Things are going fairly well considering I've had the week off work and have done little else except knitting. It's been a nice break from thinking about work though. I'm lucky I have the type of job where work doesn't pile up while I'm away, when I get back I just start up again where I left off.
OK, back to knitting. I started a pair of Jaywalkers with the yarn I purchased from Sweet Georgia. I love how the colors are looking, who doesn't love aqua & brown? I actually bought this yarn because I saw a pair of Jaywalkers knit with it and couldn't pass it up. How's that for originality? It's been a little tricky doing the kfb since the yarn is a bit splitty due to the fact that I'm knitting with size 1 needles and the yarn actually calls for 4-6. I am enjoying the pattern however and I'm nearly ready to turn the 1st heel.

The mini clapotis is quite a bit further along that what I have pictured here, I've started dropping stitches already! It's an addicting pattern. I am using yarn from my stash which I acquired through a trade last summer. It came without a label so I have no idea what it is or how much is there. I think it's thinner than what's recommended for the pattern but I like it. It's a tad scratchy and I've found bits of straw in it so I suspect it's wool. I'll give it a nice bath when I'm finished and hopefully it will soften up some.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Wanted: Interweave Knits Winter 2005

I think I've settled on knitting the Embossed Leaves socks from IK Winter 2005 for my sockapaloooza pal. The kicker is I never picked up this issue since at 1st glance I didn't see anything I wanted to knit, another sock pattern?? Didn't need it, plus I'm not a huge fan of wearing lace. I went to 2 bookstores today and one knitting shop and couldn't find it. I have one more store to check later today...

Does anyone have this magazine and would be willing to part with it, borrow it, copy the pattern (is this legal?). I'd be willing to trade something for it or pay you for it.

Please e-mail me if this is a possibility.


Update: I've found a copy to borrow! Thanks Rebecca!

The Rumors Are True

All over the internets I've been seeing little spools of reinforcement thread popping out of Lang Jawoll skeins. I happened to have one laying around and picked it up to knit with it after my Crusoe disaster. I dug around and what do you know...I had one too! It even matches the stripes. This is brilliant. Now I need to get another couple of skeins for socks so I can actually use the thread. So much for knitting out of my stash!! (I really won't be buying any in the near future...)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stripey Mitts

Remember these? Yes, I've finally finished my oldest UFO. Why in the world do I keep things unfinished for SO long? At least I finished them with plenty of winter ahead, I have 2 jackets that match the blue & purple exactly in these mittens. I love them, soooo soft.
Pattern: basic 4 needle mitten pattern found here
Yarn: Lang Jawoll Jacquard Color #0159
Plassard Pichenette Color#778
held together
Started: November5, 2004
Finished: February 11, 2006
It took me over 15 months to knit a pair of simple mittens, I am ashamed.
Needles: #4 bamboo DPN's

My new oldest UFO.

Today Casey & I are just hanging out together, he's under my arm as I type this. I cast on for my Knitting Olympics socks, eating some chocolate (injesting all the calories I walked off this week), still in my pj's, watching Olympics. Kyle is at a downhill mountain bike race, in the snow. I hope he makes it home in 1 piece.

I hope you're all having a great Sunday!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sock Surgery

Warning: This post is not suitable for the squeamish, it may contain graphic images.

One Crusoe grew quite a bit larger than the mate so plastic surgery was scheduled for mid-afternoon Saturday February 11th.

The initial incision was made the excess was removed and the toe was re-sculpted in order to achieve perfection.

A special scar reducing stitch was used to close the incision.

The patient was reunited with its mate and posed briefly for a photograph before heading for the recovery room.

Pattern: Crusoe by Marylin A Roberts on
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM Color # ? (lost the tag) 2 skeins
Started: ? (pre-blog days)
Finished: February 11, 2006
Needles: Size 2 birch DPN's
Adjustments: I cast-on 56 sts and I knit the foot to 7 1/2 inches in length.

In order to avoid sock surgery, do not knit pairs of socks with a year and a half in between. And take good notes.

Just News

**I haven't cast on for the Knitting Olympics quite yet, last night we went to the Swarm game and I didn't feel like picking up sticks when we got home. Tonight for sure!
**Splatgirl is back!!! Go check out what she's been doing...
**My friend in CA started a blog, The life and times of a San Fransisco Stranger. Watch out, she said blogging is her new obsession!
**I should be on a plane to Hawaii this morning but things just didn't work out this time. I still have next week off from work so watch for some creativity flying from my studio.
**I picked up some Speed Demon sock yarn from Sweetgeorgia Yarns in the River colorway. I LOVE the colors and socks are my latest obsession...

**I finished a pair of socks at moto-knitters Thursday night but must perform sock surgery this afternoon. Must go scrub up...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Light the Torch

I originally planned on becoming a Spectator Knitter during the Olympics but I just couldn't resist joining the almost 3000(!) knitters for the Knitting Olympics. What will I knit? I know it's supposed to be a real challenge but I'm going for a small Clapotis and a pair of socks. Not much of a challenge stitch wise but time wise maybe.
Let the games begin!!

Button courtesy of the Yarn Harlot.

Button courtesy of Julia of Knitterly Things.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Golden Boy

Today is Casey's 8th birthday, his golden birthday. Eight! I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday we drove over to the country farm that bred Weimaraners. My mom & dad stored their boat in the barn and came back to the cabin to tell us there was one puppy left, a boy. We had hoped for a girl, we both grew up with only girl dogs...we wouldn't know how to raise a boy. "Let's just go look."
We fell in love when we saw him and had to take him home! "Today?" the woman asked. We had hoped we could take him today, we live 2 hours away. She told us if no one had come that Sunday, they were going to keep him as their own. We brought him home with several pit stops along the way, how long can a puppy ride in the car?? He jumped out of the cart at the pet shop as we were picking out just the right collar and toys.

We've taught him everything he knows. He rings a bell if he wants to go outside, he barks once to come in, he doesn't leave the yard, he can shake, do wheelies and shitties, if he's been naughty he sits in his corner until we say he can come out, he cuddles with his babies and play with the strong toys. He's a smart boy.
How could I have become attached to a dog? Well, I fell and I fell hard and I love you my little golden boy. Mmwahh! Happy Birthday Casey Blue xoxo

Monday, February 06, 2006

Jaywalker // Take Three

I was just beginning to knit the heel on the Jaywalker and I just wasn't in love with the way the colors were working themselves out and it was looking *crazy* wide so I ripped, again. I'll start again soon but right now I'm off to bed to read a book.

That photo in the background is me & K re-enacting our engagement at the Grand Canyon 10 1/2 years ago. awwwww

Good Night!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

5 Guilty Pleasures

I was tagged by novaks8 for this meme, Guilty Pleasures

1. Yarn *I love shopping for yarn and anyone who's seen my stash can attest to that. May dad came over the other week to look at my new chair and he caught site of my yarn stash. He said "I think you best use some of that up, it's a little out of control."
2. Diet Coke *I am addicted to it and thanks to Splatgirl, I need to have it in a glass with ice and a wide straw. No other way is acceptable (except McDonald's, for some reason their Diet Coke is the best out of the fountain).
3. Reality TV/Sports TV *Not all reality TV, not all sports TV. I am a bit picky in this area but I really enjoy the shows I watch, it gives me more lounging/knitting time!
4. Hot dogs at sporting events *Yes I love certain kinds of hot dogs, especially Chicago dogs and each time we go to a sporting event I get one, if a Chi-dog isn't for sale a plain dog with catsup, mustard and sauerkraut will do. And one other food item: ice cream from Izzy's, YUM.
5. Books *Like yarn, I love shopping for books. Pretty much every weekend Kyle & I take a trip to the book store and spend hours browsing through books and magazines. I don't go to libraries, checking a book out of a library is a nightmare for a germ-phobe like me (sorry to all the librarians out there!) so I buy all my books. If I didn't buy a book all year, I'd still have plenty to read right here in the house.

I won't tag anyone, if you want to do it, do it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Sockapaloooza ! !

The sockapaloooza matches were sent out this week and I have 1 question (or hint) for y'all. Does anyone out there speak German? This is going to be fun!!!!

OK, maybe I have another question. I want to knit a nice pair of socks, more than just a typical ribbed sock so that's why I bought a monochromatic skein of yarn, no stripes going on here. I want a pattern to really stand out on the socks and not get eaten up by self striping / variegated yarn. I need pattern suggestions...please comment below ;-) And I thank you!

How Many Bloglines?

One hundred and eleven. The winner is Cece of Fiberfish! Cece guessed 110, 1 blogline less than I subscribe to. Congratulations, your fabulous prize will be mailed as soon as I hear back from you, I sent you an email.
Thank you to everyone who played along in my silly game. Bloggers are the best!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

How Cool Is This?

I ordered a few personalized notepads for Christmas gifts and of course had to sneak one in for for you...two for me!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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