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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just News

**I haven't cast on for the Knitting Olympics quite yet, last night we went to the Swarm game and I didn't feel like picking up sticks when we got home. Tonight for sure!
**Splatgirl is back!!! Go check out what she's been doing...
**My friend in CA started a blog, The life and times of a San Fransisco Stranger. Watch out, she said blogging is her new obsession!
**I should be on a plane to Hawaii this morning but things just didn't work out this time. I still have next week off from work so watch for some creativity flying from my studio.
**I picked up some Speed Demon sock yarn from Sweetgeorgia Yarns in the River colorway. I LOVE the colors and socks are my latest obsession...

**I finished a pair of socks at moto-knitters Thursday night but must perform sock surgery this afternoon. Must go scrub up...


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