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Friday, April 29, 2005

Racing Season Has Begun

This weekend is the first weekend of CRA Rodaracing. Kyle & I spend a lot of time in the summers at the track volunteering as flag & corner workers. It's a blast (except when it's cold) and it marks the beginning of summer. This means I won't be around for a couple of days so have yourselves a great weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


The beginning of the buttonhole bag. See those plastic needles? They're antiques, Splatgirl received them from her SO's mother. They were purchased at LeeWards for $2.25. Buttonhole is a quick knit, as I've discovered all felted items are. I should have a finished product sometime next week since this weekend we'll be busy at the motorcycle races. It was snowing here yesterday! It's been downright cold this week but I'm hoping the weekend will bring nice weather.

A view from my front window last night...can you see the snow? And a poor little hyacinth is trying to hide, Brrrrr

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Go See!

Since I have nothing to share, go check out Splatgirl's Color on Color scarf! It's stunning.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Pork Socks

Last night I was summoned to go to Splatgirl's house for a little dinner and knitting with her and Nikki. It was fun and the food was SO good. Grilled bbq chicken sandwiches with swiss and bacon, grilled asparagus, baked beans and weed salad. Banana smoothies for dessert. Mmmmm. I started knitting on one of these. Thanks for the fun night Splatgirl!

Meanwhile, in dreamland... (begin reality) I am always in need of a foot rubbing or back scratching and Kyle's not too keen on either so when I saw these reflexology socks at Target I knew exactly what I would do...

After a yum dinner on Saturday night, I threw on these socks and told Kyle my pancreas hurt and that I had a headache, could he please rub the appropriate area? "Ewwww gross, get those out of my face, I'll never be able to eat pork again!" was what I heard. OK, no foot rubbing tonight (end reality). So later that evening while I was fast asleep, I was dreaming Kyle was sawing off his big toe with a Reach flosser! That will teach him...

Yes, that's my big toe with Kyle's Reach flosser.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

My Latest Sock

Uncovering yet another project from the what's on your needles? post. This is my latest pair of socks knit with Regia Strtech color #81. This is the 1st sock yarn I ever bought! I bought it 2 years ago at a LYS, Clickity Sticks. I love the name of the store and the selection isn't half bad either. I haven't felt much like knitting lately but tonight I think I'm getting together with a couple of friends for some group knitting time so I"ll get back in the groove then.

Friday, April 22, 2005


NCC=No Computer Carrie
This is Lara's new nickname for me since I've been lap-topless. I'm still waiting patiently for it to be finished. Last I checked, repair was still in progress. I must say it's been refeshing not having a computer at arms reach at all times. I like to think I've actually gotten some things accomplished. Not only that but Casey & I have been on walks almost every day since it's been gone, something we should have been doing before NCC and something we'll continue to do when mr. laptop returns.

FO=Finished Object
I finished my very own ice cream pint cozy from KnitWit. It's made just as the pattern is written except I added two rows into the body so it fits up to the rim of the pint. I used Cascade Fixation as reccomended. I posed it here with the new Gobfather ice cream by Ben & Jerry's. Not as good as my favorite but it's in my top 10. Of course after the photo shoot, the ice cream was devoured.

DTW=Duct Tape Wallet
My latest craft adventure is duct tape wallets. Again, I'm following Lara's route. Go check out the awesome purse she made with duct tape! I can't take credit for this design since all I did was copy a wallet I bought last year (is that legal?). A super fun and quick project and with all the colors of duct tape these days the possibilities are endless!
***Update*** To clear up any confusion, I am not making these wallets to sell.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Lately I've had a ton of visitors come to my blog via search engines. Here are some of the keywords:
tape measure photo
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invisalign crooked teeth
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egg salad img
new spring knitty
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fuzzy slippers-online shopping
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Some of these seem weird to me.

Speaking of Goog!e, does anyone need a gmail account? Email me if interested, I have a few to give away. Sorry if I can't help everyone, I'll send invites to the first 15 people. I have an email link in my sidebar.

Meanwhile, I've been busy playing with this fun assortment of duct tape.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What's On Your Needles?

As of 3 pm this afternoon, this is what was on my needles. Anyone venture to guess what these items are?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Trash is Gross

Last Friday after work I stayed late and ventured into our back yard, which is mostly a swampy area, and picked up trash that had accumulated over the winter. I managed to get this huge bag full and there's still more. Why can't people just throw things into a trash receptacle? I don't understand.

There wasn't anything too interesting. The usual pop bottles and cans, fast food wrappers and oodles of granola bar wrappers. This photo however was the most intriguing...I wonder what their story is?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sharpie! Sharpie!

Ever since Lara turned me onto the lovliness of Sharpie's I've been head over heels. Mariko found these cute little key chain sized Sharpies so I had to go in search of them too (remember...I'm always in the market for the thing). Eureka! I found them today at my local office supply store.

On a side note: I'd like to thank everyone who leaves comments on my blog. I LOVE reading them and I know I don't always respond but I thank you. Sometimes I try to respond and the email feature through Blogger doesn't always work. Thank you thank you thank you for all the comments. Keep 'em comin'!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dizzy Over Izzy's

Last night we went out to dinner with a couple of friends. For starters we went to Tavern on Grand. This is by far the best place to get a walleye dinner. However, Kyle & I decided they have changed the way they 'fry' their fish. Still very good but it was a titch better before. No photos of the meal since we had it in our bellies quicker than you can say zander...inside joke...sorry. With our bellies full to the brim, we drove over to Izzy's. Izzy's is by far the best place to get ice cream in the Twin Cities (and it's in St Paul!). They top off your ice cream with an Izzy scoop, a tiny scoop of ice cream in a 2nd flavor. This way if you're teetering on the edge of 2 flavors, you can GET 2 flavors!

This particular cone is mine. It's bubble gum topped witha cotton candy Izzy in a fresh made waffle cone. Mmmmmm heaven. Kyle had starwberry sorbet with a tangerine water ice Izzy in a cup. Go visit Lara...she might also be telling. As we licked ourselves into belly-hell we watched the girl in the window making waffle cones. Oh! No drippy cones either since Izzy's puts a malted milk ball into the bottom of the cone. I *heart* Izzy's.

This is their ice cream menu of the day, although all the available flavore weren't up there. They had everything from blueberry to Norwegian chai to chocolate chip cookie dough and everything inbetween. If you live in the TC area, go visit these places, you won't be sorry.
Next time I'm getting the Dizzy Izzy, 5 Izzy scoops in a bowl! Oh how I'll miss the waffle cone...hmmm...thinking...thinking...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Camera Condom

How could I let a naked camera float around my purse or knitting bag?

This little camera condom is knit with my favorite Koigu KPPPM in the same fashion as you would knit a sock cuff down. Easy easy and quick too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I'm finally able to catch up on my blogging now that I know the ins & outs of Kyle's PC. I'm glad I didn't have to stay away too long.
Sunday I made these dental inspired cookies for a gal at work. We are each assigned a birthday to make treats for and I had Lisa's name. She turned some sort of low 20's age on Sunday and she loved her cookies. The tooth shaped cookie was perfectly bite size.

I finished the pink Converse socks and snuck a photo in right before a light rain storm.

When I came back inside from the photo shoot, my computer was
I got on the phone with Lara & her SO to ask for computer advice. Can I fix this now? I cannot live without my computer...
We decided the best thing would be to take it to Geek Sqaud. "They might have to have it for a couple of weeks" the geek said. OK, I guess I'll live. So straight from Geek Squad I went to grab a little comfort food...a veggie fajita burrito with corn salsa from Chipot!e. I ate the WHOLE thing. Yum.

I love their cups. This one says 'What's That in Your Teeth?".

Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm Laptop-Less

Yesterday my laptop decided to break, the LCD screen went out so off to Geek Squad it went. They say it will take 2 weeks. Last time it was quicker than that so I'm crossing my fingers (& toes). So please forgive me if I'm sporadic with my posts and nearly photo free. Don't delete me from your favorites just yet!
Just think of all the things I'll have to share when I'm up & running again!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Top Dog

Yesterday I went to watch a friend show her 7 month old French Bulldog at a dog show. Brandt did great and took home 3 ribbons. Isn't he a cutie?

This is Alison getting him into the correct stance for the judge. Brandt was the only all white one there most of the other French Bulldogs were all black.

I watched the Vizslas for quite a while yesterday since that's a breed I'd like to get. When I talked to Kyle last night he said "Hmmm, no, too small {what?} we need another Weim". OK whatever Kyle...
On the way home I was driving by a LYS I've only been to once before about a year ago so I thought I'd drop in. Of course I couldn't go away empty handed. I know I have plenty of yarn already but what fun is it if I can't buy something I like?

I know, I know...more sock yarn? Yes, apparently I'm obsessed. Single skeins of Lorna's Laces and Koigu for socklettes, I might even add pom poms. Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Multiringel since this stuff is super hard to find & makes lovely socks (this was their last ball) and a ball of Pon Pon because there was a store sample with this added into wool before felting and it looked super neat-o. So there you have it...more yarn. Would would have thought I needed any more??
Last night Lara and Vern picked me up for dinner and then Lara and I perused Km#rt for some stuff we'd heard about. They really have some decent things. I picked up a few kitchen towels and some plastic drinking glasses. We also found jumbo straws ( a little tough to find) and then we spyed Nerds Rope for 34¢! That's a huge bargain and like Lara said "since when does candy go on sale?".

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Shopping Spree

I know the camera I use takes great photos, I have no doubt in that. The one thing I don't like about it is it's extremely non-portable without a big bag. Plus it's really Kyle's. Sooooo, last night I went shopping. I've been researching cameras on-line for a while and decided on the Sony Cyber-shot P200. It's really slim and light, plus it's loaded with options and settings. Now I just have to read the manual so I can use it to its potential.

One of my goals last night was to find the materials for the cocktail monkey bag. The only thing I'm missing is the monkeys but I know where I can get some. My goal tonight? Finish the pink Converse sock and start the monkey bag.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Weekend To Myself

Kyle's down in Iowa for the weekend doing this:

So I'm having a weekend to myself. I usually go along but I decided not to this time. Tonight I did a bunch of errand running. I'll show some stuff tomorrow!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spring Knitty!

The new spring Knitty is up!
I adore the Cocktail Monkey Bag. A quirky, fun & quick knit.
Wheelie is hilarious since the other day Kyle said "you should knit a steering wheel cover".
Other than the monkey bag, I can't say I'll knit anything from this issue but that's OK. I have a ton of socks to catch up on.

Today my motorcycle comes out of storage! We're going to ride down to Dulono's Pizza tonight for a monthy city-wide get together. There's always a large turnout and since it's one of the first nice First Thursdays of the year I'm guessing it will be packed.

A mini crocus peeked it's head out my garden on Tuesday. I've posted a photo on my photo blog, i dream in color.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

In The Works

Lately I've been plugging away on my book club selection, The Kite Runner (very good!) and my 2nd pink Converse sock. Nothing too exciting. This morning when I turned the page in my Knitting Pattern-A-Day calendar I saw 2 of my favorite things...Kyle and a hoodie. Funny. Tonight it's a bit chillier than it's been the last few days so it might be a good evening to hibernate under the woobie while knitting away on the sock.

It's funny how humans and the weather works...right now it's 51º and cloudy. Two months ago in the middle of winter kids would be out in shorts and sandals today. Since it's been near 70º for the last 4 days, 51º feels cold.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hello Hat

After 3 trys with the Hello Yarn hat, I think I finally knit it the way I wanted. If I knit it for a 4th time I may decrease my needle size for a tighter knit but I'm happy with it now too so it will stay. I love the different thicknesses of the yarn throughout and colors, so spring-like.

Yes I know my tag is sticking out.

Today I spent a nice afternoon with my frind Kim. I made a lunch of pesto cavatappi, fruit and rice krispie bars, our favorite meal at
Nood!es. Then we took a walk with Casey and now I'm computing. I LOVE having Tuesdays off.

TV Knitting reference! Last night on The Bachelor Sarah W. was knitting! All the other catty girls hid her project because they thought she was ignoring them while she was knitting and then asked her why she was always knitting and she said "I enjoy knitting and I'm not going to stop knitting!". Yay for Sarah W!

Monday, April 04, 2005

More Chibi Love

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring Ahead

Unless you're from Arizona, eastern Indiana or've sprung ahead. I love getting this extra sunlight at the end of the day since I'm not a morning person and would much rather work into the night. Spring is showing in my garden too! These are the beginnings of day lilies in my front garden area.

I did oodles of yard work today including cleaning out my garden, no more leaves! I picked up these cute toadstools yesterday while in search for the Chibi. The high temp today was 69º, it was downright balmy in MN!

This week's installment of a young girls journal:
This week in 1986
Sunday lay out, Nicole ungrounded off phone
Monday first storm since Nov 18 hail, send Steve a postcard
Tuesday take out 3rd earring, go to Kandi's after school, send Steve a letter
Wednesday Lucky Day, go home early 11:00am
Thursday End of 3rd quarter, go to Rosedale to get Kandi's present, detention for tardies
Friday No school, go to movie Lucas, go to Riverplace
Saturday go to Rosedale w/Kandi, see Steve & Nicole together, get Guess? bag, got Circus & Rocks, Kandi came over, go to rings (party) w/ Mandy, Laura & Debbie, Tim drove us around, home at 12:30

Boy did I keep track of weird crap.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

It's All the Rage

I'm the type of person who always has to have 'the' thing so when I recently learned Chibi's were all the rage, I had to have one. A Chibi is a darning needle holder, nothing fancy, just a tube. It did come with 3 sizes of darning needles: 13,17,20. What these numbers mean I have no idea. But I had to have the Chibi. I could have stayed home and shopped Chibi's are going for $50+ on ebay. I decided I could live with the $4.19 teal green Chibi from J0-Ann Etc even if I had to drive there. Apparently since I have the green Chibi I am merely a Chibi wanna-be. Oh well, I can live with that.

I took my 40% off coupon to J0-Ann in search of the Chibi (I would have saved $1.68!) but instead used the coupon for a new pair of Gingher embroidery scissors. I guess I needed a pink fix after all.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Flash Your Stash

It's Flash Your Stash day so here I go! I've shown my stash before and it hasn't changed much but I took fresh photos anyway. I certainly didn't capture ALL the yarn in these photos but that would take up way too much bandwidth ;-). My stash consists of tons-o-sock yarn, lots of wool for felting (Cascade, Lopi & Galway), and a few novelty type yarns like Twin Print, Fizz and Squiggle. Here and there I have some All Seasons Cotton, Handknit dk Cotton, Takhi Cotton Classic, Manos del Uruguay cotton stria & wool, Lana Grossa Point, Kid Silk Haze, 1824 Cotton, Star, Cotton Chenille, and (gasp!) even some Cotton-Ease. I tend to think I'm fairly organized although I certainly don't have things in order of color or fiber or price or anything.

I didn't think I had any color preferences but as I'm viewing this it looks like I tend towards pink & orange. A little green too.
The bottom shelves...

The yarn which doesn't fit anywhere except jammed on the side. Knit Picks, Plymouth Encore, Noro Kureyon, and handspun yarn I received for Christmas.

I can't leave my needles out. This basket contains my straight needles and double pointeds. I have all my circulars somewhere else. At some point I'd like to make little fabric needle holders for all the sets but that will have to wait for now.

Then there's the basket with a lid where things get lost and forgotton (read: black hole of yarn). There's a couple skeins of Lorna's Laces, Noro Silk Garden, leftover Lamb's Pride from my 1st set of felted slippers, a bunch of Fixation, Artful Yarns Cartoon (Betty Rubble), Berroco Medley, Green Mountain Spinnery cotton comfort and Magic Garden Buttons. Whew...I think that's all...except for all my kitchen cotton and my new yarn from Yarn Cafe.

Since we're speaking of yarn, this is a site I view often to check washing symbols. Click here

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