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Monday, December 31, 2007

Knitting 2007- A Year in Pictures

Since this is a knitting blog I figured I'd best recap all my finished objects of 2007. It certainly appears that I loved to knit dishcloths and socks. Nothing too substantial but I was busy doing other things in 2007 like making quilts, traveling with Kyle to go mountain biking, hanging out with friends, meeting new friends, reading, working, helping mom & dad with their new house, traveling to Ely MN, going to weddings, motorcycling, walking the dog, going to the racetrack, starting an etsy store, setting up my Ravelry account, trading moo cards, going to Wild games and so much more. Good bye 2007.
Knitting 2007 Mosaic
Tonight we'll be ringing in 2008 at home following our yearly tradition of a Wild hockey game. I hope your 2007 was as fun filled as mine was and here's hoping 2008 exceeds our expectations. Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Chocolate Mint Slippers

My first installment of 2 in the Christmas knitting category. That's correct. I only knit 2 gifts this year. And I'm OK with that.
Chocolate Mint Slippers
I knit these slippers for my mom after a Thanksgiving day conversation about how we both needed a new pair.
Pattern: Fiber Trends Felted Clogs size Women's Medium
Yarn: Cascade 220
Colors: 9445-brown, 9407-green
Needles: Size 13-16" & 24" circular, Size 11-24" circular (to attach the 2nd sole)
Started: December 14, 2007
Finished: December 23, 2007
Knit for: My mom
Adjustments: I blanket stitched Fiber Trends suede soles (size 10 1/2") onto the bottom using Cascade 220-9445.
Blanket Stitched Soles

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to All!

Happy Holidays 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Must Have Been REAL Good This Year!

I met my friend Splatgirl for a really good dinner, some drinks and of course presents on Thursday night. LOOK at what she made for me!! It's the coolest wool felt, leather, hand appliqued and needle felted stocking I've ever seen! And you should see what she tucked inside. One of her super cool wallets, mine matches the pink leather on the stocking. A new moo pocket to match plus a key fob, pink lego hair pins and strawberry Whoppers. I don't know what I did to deserve all this cool stuff but I sure love it! Thank you Splatgirl!!!! xoxo
Mine, All Mine!
Check out these bobbles!
Bobbles on Stocking
Since today is much more snowy and cold than yesterday, I'm inside wrapping up some last minute holiday baking and making. I have this mixture in the oven right now and boy does it smell good! The Vikings will be on in an hour and a half and I have a little project to keep me busy for the evening. I hope you're all relaxing before the holiday, it's not worth getting yourself all in a bundle, it'll be over before we know it...enjoy.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

1st Day

This is the sight that welcomed me this morning as I let Casey outside. I couldn't have asked for anything more on the 1st day of Winter!
1st Day of Winter!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yes, I Do Knit

I am knitting on a super secret project today so I can't tell you what it is but feel free to guess in the comments. I just had to prove to all of my 3 readers that I do in fact still knit!
We even did a little canine teeth cleaning this morning and now we're relaxing before a dinner out with friends.
Casey & Chili Lights

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday in Lights

I drive past this house each evening, every winter on my way home from work and always think of stopping for a photo but I never do, until tonight. I am not a huge fan of loads of holiday lights like this monstrosity I've featured here in the past but I think this display is very tastefully done.
Holiday Lights


Monday, December 10, 2007

Catch - Up

I never did post this photo of the random business cards / moo cards / stickers I picked up at the No Coast Craft-O-Rama that i attended a couple of weeks ago. I just thought it was a neat photo of the things I picked up that night.
And this is a cool reusable bag I got from Method for spending $20 on their products, which isn't too hard if you love their stuff. My new favorite? The peppermint vanilla aroma sticks.
If you're interested in going green this season, visit this site for more information on the Method bag (it's super cool).
I've picked up an extra shift at work so no more Tuesdays off for me :(
I hope my blogging won't suffer but I can't make any guarantees. Feel free to drop me and email or comment asking me where the heck I am or give me a nudge to get something posted. One thing that is so hard this time of year is taking decent photos with the lack of sunlight. I'll try to be better at that over the weekends. 2 weeks until Christmas...


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Self Proclaimed

Come summer, this little decal will be making its way onto my car window! I bought it here.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Weekend

Please excuse this poor photo, the spots are on my window since I didn't feel like trekking outside to take a proper pic. Yesterday it snowed, a lot! I haven't heard an official reading since today consisted of a Beauty and the Geek marathon in between several naps.
The rest of my weekend was plenty busy starting with a trip to Midtown Global Market for the No Coast Craft-O-Rama and super yum Mexican food with Splatgirl on Friday night. Yesterday I met a few friends for lunch and a spa day which was completely relaxing even with all of this frozen water that fell. So I guess it's back to work tomorrow!

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