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Sunday, December 05, 2004

100 Things About Me

Since I'm seeing this list all over the blogging world I thought I'd give it a try. Don't feel obligated to read it.

1. My given name is Carrie Beth
2. I am 5'2" tall
3. My hair color is natural
4. I love to knit
5. I am addicted to TV
6. I own enough craft supplies to keep me busy for about a year
7. Mexico is the only other country I've been to besides the US
8. I went to Mexico on my honeymoon in 1997
9. 4 years later I went to Mexico with all my co-workers, it was a gift to us from our bosses
10. I am married to my soul mate
11. I love my job
12. I think I have a slight case of OCD
13. I hate to exercise
14. I need to lose about 15 pounds
15. I've gained 30 pounds since graduating high school
16. I'm still in the correct weight range for my height
17. I own over 60 Longaberger baskets
18. I tell myself they are an investment
19. I do not have children
20. I hate taking any medication
21. I floss every day
22. I have an AAS degree in Dental Hygiene
23. I love chocolate
24. I don't have any living grandparents
25. I LOVE big dogs
26. I grew up with a Doberman Pinscher
27. I ride a motorcycle
28. I have 3 tattoos
29. I learned how to quilt in 1995
30. My sister-in-law taught me to quilt
31. I've been to Alaska 3 times
32. I was in a downhill ski club as a kid, Blizzard Ski club
33. I was a Girl Scout
34. I tan easily
35. As a child, a neighbor wrote a book about me and I still own it
36. My parents had a cabin when I was growing up, we spent a lot of time there in the summers
37. I need to clean out my clothes closet
38. I have owned only 4 cars in my lifetime
39. I have received 4 speeding tickets
40. My eyesight is terrible
41. Up until the 7th grade, I threw up at least once per year in the classroom
42. My longest friendship is 14 1/2 years to my friend Anne
43. We each went to college twice, together
44. Anne introduced me & Kyle
45. Kyle & I were engaged at the Grand Canyon
46. We had a 57 Chevy limousine for our wedding
47. I had 2 attendants named Paula in the wedding
48. I cry easily while watching TV
49. I allow my dog to lick my face
50. I have never had a flu vaccine
51. I have owned a snowmobile, a jetski, a motorcycle and a dirtbike
52. I am more of a tomboy than a girly girl
53. I don't wear makeup
54. I work 5 miles from home
55. I am a good speller
56. I love to read
57. I usually fall asleep when I read
58. It takes me a while to finish books
59. I am religious at visiting Doctors for checkups
60. I saved my mother-in-laws life 3 years ago
61. She called me for help and I told her to hang up and dial 911
62. I am terrified of house fires
63. Kyle teases me about this fear by asking me if I've unplugged the fridge when we leave home
64. I tend to be a pack rat
65. I want to get over being a pack rat
66. I love Pistachios and all things flavored with Pistachios
67. I am a homebody
68. I hate loud music
69. I am a Libra and so is Kyle
70. I competed in the triple jump and the 50 yd dash in elementary track and field
71. I was whacked in the nose with a softball in grade school
72. I love to sleep in
73. I am a night owl
74. I slam doors when I'm angry
75. I have my dad's temper but I manage it better
76. Everyone says I look like my mother
77. I hate when people tell me I look like my mother
78. I have one brother, he's 4 years older than me
79. I also have a biological sister but we didn't grow up together
80. I love to watch Minnesota sports: Vikings, Wild, Twins, Timberwolves
81. I could spend all day in a book store
82. I snore sometimes
83. I would rather give people lots of gifts on their birthday than at Christmas
84. I love to eat out
85. I rarely cook
86. I don't mind cooking
87. I get my haircut every 6 weeks
88. People used to mistake me as a boy when I was in 9th & 10th grade because I had short hair

89. I've had braces
90. I never wore my retainers
91. I take vitamins every day
92. I am allergic to Penicillin
93. I don't know my blood type
94. I have never donated blood
95. I am organized
96. I didn't fly until I was a teenager
97. I pay the bills
98. My friends know most things about me, I am not secretive at all
99. I rarely have cash in my purse
100. I miss my nieces who live in Hawaii


Blogger Mary said...

No. 75 is a good one!

Didn't know you were allergic to penacillin -- and didn't know some of the other stuff, either.

7:05 PM, February 13, 2006  

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