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Friday, February 03, 2006

How Many Bloglines?

One hundred and eleven. The winner is Cece of Fiberfish! Cece guessed 110, 1 blogline less than I subscribe to. Congratulations, your fabulous prize will be mailed as soon as I hear back from you, I sent you an email.
Thank you to everyone who played along in my silly game. Bloggers are the best!


Blogger amy said...

drat! i was very low! i just signed on for bloglines a month or so ago and am slowly adding, but am still only at 87.

9:49 AM, February 03, 2006  
Anonymous Paula said...

Gee, I have 200 feeds, not all knitting though. Did you find the KnitCast RSS feed?

10:23 AM, February 03, 2006  
Blogger Cece said...


I figured I would just guess with as many as I have.

I'm sooo excited!

2:21 PM, February 05, 2006  

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