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Monday, April 18, 2005

Trash is Gross

Last Friday after work I stayed late and ventured into our back yard, which is mostly a swampy area, and picked up trash that had accumulated over the winter. I managed to get this huge bag full and there's still more. Why can't people just throw things into a trash receptacle? I don't understand.

There wasn't anything too interesting. The usual pop bottles and cans, fast food wrappers and oodles of granola bar wrappers. This photo however was the most intriguing...I wonder what their story is?


Anonymous kit said...

OMG that's me and my sister! Just kidding.
When I was in HS, yes, I know that was eons ago, my sister and I took a photo just like that, and her step-mom tore it up. We've always wanted to go and get hussy pictures taken all over again.

9:38 AM, April 18, 2005  

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