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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kitchener Help

I feel fairly confident with my kitchener stitch skills until I reach the last 2 stitches. I usually follow this link which doesn't tell me what to do with the last 2 stitches. So I searched around a little (well actually not at all since this was the 1st listed on Goog!e) and found this link, at Knitty no less, one of my favorite knitting websites. It told me what to do with the last 2; slip through the front stitch as if to knit and remove, slip through the back stitch as if to purl (then remove??). OK, my dilemma. When I remove these 2 stitches from the working needles, they're always really loose and loopy. What do I do with them now? I try pulling them through to the wrong side but then they're still loopy. If it's socks I'm kitchenering, I especially don't want loopy loose stitches on the inside. What do ya'll do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, generally I try to pull the yarn tail through the last stitch and make sure it is secured when I weave in the ends. Then I ignore any lumps, just like I ignore gusset holes.
Your Secret Pal

9:52 AM, July 12, 2005  
Blogger Theresa said...

Heh... I wrote both those tutorials and didn't realize I had included something on one that wasn't on the other... I'll have to look into that.

Meanwhile check this out and see if it helps:

9:31 AM, August 20, 2005  

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