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Saturday, September 06, 2008


As promised, here is my scorecard from the socks I entered at the state fair this year. My total score was 93.5 and the remarks made by the judge read: "lovely work! watch join at top. lots of competition in this lot this year."
The points given were as follows:
Beauty & Character 10
Color 10
Design - Structural & Decorative 10
Condition of Article 20
Materials Used 10
Workmanship 33.5
This year I'll be working on my cast on & the way I join it and hopefully in 2009 I'll take home a ribbon!
Congratulations to all the winners at the fair this year, it's a tough competition and there were many fabulous items entered.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What cast on do you use for socks? I like to use the long-tail cast on. Then I swap the first and last stitches (place the last stitch on the left needle, the first stitch will nicely stretch over to the right). I really like the join when I do that.

Great job though - wonderful comments from the judges.

Your All Hallows Eve swap partner!

10:52 AM, September 15, 2008  

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