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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nothing Beats the MN State Fair

Last Friday I went with a friend to the MN State Fair, the largest and best fair in the USA for those of you not in MN.
I absolutely never play games at the fair but on Friday I had a good feeling about the games and splurged on 8 game tickets. The first game I played was the 'squirt gun at the target' game and I came away with flying colors. Winning that game got me the pink tambourine I'm holding. The pig came from 'have me guess your age game'. The woman guessed my age at 9 years younger than I am. Better than 9 years older :)
Here is a mosaic of the rest of the day, click to see closer and for descriptions. Don't worry...I have plans to go twice more so I'll have plenty more photos to show.
MN State Fair 2008
It appears that pigs were my animal of choice.



Blogger Guinifer said...


(Heh - your word verification is "ointruo")

9:12 AM, August 27, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, lucky you! My sister took me once-I remember the place with all the huge ag equipment and the crafts.

11:43 AM, August 27, 2008  
Anonymous Knitting Cateling said...

Cute little piggies! :)

I'm sorry your socks didn't place - they are very lovely.

2:24 PM, September 01, 2008  

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