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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Twins Territory

Yesterday I took a stab in the dark and suggested we go to a Twins game. Kyle agreed (!) and we joined 45, 500 other fans in watching the Twins vs. Yankees. You see, Kyle is not a sports fan and except for a few Wild games each year or motorcycle racing, he almost loathes sports. So of course I was thrilled when he agreed to go. And it wouldn't be a game attended by a blogger without a photo would it? The game did go into extra innings but the Twins were defeated 4-3.

I've seen a few other bloggers go to ball games and bring knitting along but I thought that was pushing my luck just a little, I settled on nachos and a diet coke to keep my hands busy.


Anonymous Sandy J said...

I'm not a big fan of baseball either, but somedays are just perfect for sitting outside and taking in a game. On TV, though? Bleh.

Football, on the other hand, I love... go figure.

4:10 PM, June 06, 2005  

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