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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blue Skies, Nothin' But Blue Skies

It's a beautiful day here in MN (80ยบ & sunny) and since I have a couple of extra days off from work I've been relaxing like mad. Today I hit the open road on my motorcycle to have lunch with Kyle and of course visit a LYS near his workplace. I couldn't leave empty handed so I picked up 2-150 yd skeins of Blue Sky Cotton. It's froma local company Blue Sky Alpacas, Inc. although it's 100% cotton. The color # is 608 named Lemongrass which I think is a very light lime green, not yellow. It matches a hoodie I have in for repair at the moment so I figured I could make something summery with it...any suggestions?

More knitting news...I have a felting project in the washing machine as I type and I've joined Secret Pal 5. I hope to have my SP5 questionaire up later today or tomorrow.


Anonymous Sandy J said...

Neat! I hadn't realized Blue Sky Alpacas was a Minnesota company... that moves them up higher on my list of like-to-knit-with. : )

Lucky you with the extra days off! It's gorgeous here in Rochester as well, and I'm stuck inside...

3:31 PM, May 31, 2005  

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