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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Purrrrdy Nails

So, you want to know what I've been busy doing? Well...Kyle's away on a fishing trip so it's all about me agian. After work yesterday I came home and mowed the lawn, then I had an idea of heading to a nail salon since I was in desperate (and I mean DESPERATE) need of a manicure. You see, I tend to let my cuticles get WAY out of hand...I think Splatgirl or Knitting Knurse can attest to this. So back to the story. When I was finished mowing my yard I hit the shower and checked my email and a few blogs. Lo & behold I went to visit Poor Miss Finch and she had given herself a manicure-go check it out! Well, if she can do it herself than I certainly can too! So I picked up my favorite takeout for dinner, fired up the TiVo and gave myself a manicure...complete with a little rhinestone cowboy flower! And in case you couldn't look past those purrrrdy nails, that's a work in progress underneath.

I've heard from my Secret Pal...I'm so excited!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neat! I don't have the nerve to try a manicure-I might get someone to do it for me. What's the WIP going to be?
Your Secret Pal

5:08 PM, June 05, 2005  

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