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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Baseblog Night

Last night at the minor league baseball stadium it was baseblog night. I found out about this through Ron's blog, one of my daily reads. He works for the Saints and put the whole thing together. I was able to meet Ron, a super nice guy, get my hot dog and hat and sit down for about 3 minutes before it started to rain. And hail. And blow. It felt like a tornado at times and then it passed. This thunder head is the one that had just passed, I think.

There were a few squeegie-ers out on the field so for a while we thought maybe the game was on. Then the severe weather sirens started sounding and a Saints guy came through and said the game had been rained out. I guess we'll go back another night. And if you live around St. Paul and have never been to a Saints game, you must go they are a blast and a half. Fun is good.

One of the Red Hawk players was playing in the puddles. Come sail away, come sail away...

BTW, in no way does this rainout change my opinion on an open ballpark for the Twins. Bring it on.


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