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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 TBR Challenge

You may have noticed some changes I've made over on my sidebar. Do people look there or is it mostly for my reference?? It doesn't really matter...
I've joined a couple -alongs. Two knitalongs and one reading-along.
More on the knitalongs later...
I love to read but for the past couple of years I haven't done nearly enough, I blame this on my book club and on the computer. I end up not really enjoying many of the books chosen for bookclub so instead of putting a book down that I'm not enjoying I struggle through it and ignore all other books too. This year if I am struggling with a book club book I will put it to the side and pick up a book I really want to read. And why do I blame the computer? Because I spend too much time on it which I suppose is really my where was I?
2007 TBR Challenge Stack
I'll be keeping track of my reading progress on the sidebar this year, crossing books out when I finish them and adding titles as I read them.
You can reference the list if you would like to know what I'm planning on reading. I've also added a few extra credit books. Quite a number of these titles (5 of 12) are on this list because they've been borrowed to me and I'd like to get them back to their owners. For those of you who know me you'll probably be seeing me with a book in hand at all times ;-) What will you be reading in 2007?

Have a happy & very safe New Years everyone!



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