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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Go Knit

Each time I visit The Yarnery I see these cute go knit pouches by knowknits and today I finally caved in and bought one. There's a little loop on the inside to feed the yarn through and it cinches up tight for clean storage, it's made from parachute-type material. It beats a ziploc and it's awfully colorful too.

Just down the block is Cooks of Crocus Hill where my friends & I took a great cooking class Thursday night. The class was taught by Odessa Piper, a Wisconsin restaurant owner and chef. I had a coupon from the class so of course I had to browse. The other night I had my eyes on this but didn't buy since I knew I'd be coming back. The six pack byobag was one of my purchases today along with all these pink goodies. Pink grapefruit green tea, a pink spatula and spoonula, a salt scoop and a pink Orka mitt!

And last but not least, Casey's photo for the day.


Blogger novaks8 said...

Do you shop at Target?

I was in there yesterday and in the Dollar section they had yarn and needles and instruction booklets.

Have you seen this?

I was just wondering about the quality of the yarn.

My friend is going to teach me to knit. She makes these gorgeous scarfs that are easy to make and she sells them at craft fairs and such.
well, she did until she took a teaching job.

I can't wait.

8:27 AM, September 19, 2005  

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