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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On It's Way / Self Portrait Tuesday

Since my sock pal does not have a blog (clue #1) that gives me the opportunity to show off the package since she can't. Hopefully I'll get all of the goodies into the little envelope without scrunching anything. I enclosed a ball of leftovers, a few photos showing where her socks have been the last 3 months, a MN postcard, and some sock shaped point protectors. I took the sock band idea from Black Olives new socks, they're fabulous. I'm off to the post office to send these beauties sock pal lives fairly close...I've driven there before (clue #2). I'll reveal her identity on Thursday, the last day of Sockapal-2-za.

Casy chased a squirrel up the tree today.

Self portrait Tuesday photo over here.


Anonymous Liz said...

ahhh, your sock pal doesn't have a blog. Alas, it is not me. :P JK! Your sockpal will be very happy with the socks you knitted so beautifully!

7:50 AM, September 15, 2005  

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