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Monday, June 04, 2007

Sneak Peak

I manged to finish 1/2 the secret Koigu project!!



Blogger Debra said...

Can't wait to see what it is! I have a bag just like yours-- full of koigu, CTH & gems. It's still growing...

9:50 AM, June 04, 2007  
Blogger Deb said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see it! Hurry....

11:02 AM, June 04, 2007  
Blogger Guinifer said...

Wow! 1/2 already? It's gorgeous close-up.

9:00 AM, June 05, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love the colors.

10:52 AM, June 05, 2007  

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