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Sunday, January 20, 2008

National PJ Day

Plastic Bag Rehab
I stumbled upon this tutorial a while back and ever since I've been wanting to make one of these bags, basically a fabric bag using the pattern of a plastic store bag. Mine isn't perfect but it'll serve the purpose it is intended for. I can't help but think my Grandma would have loved one of these, she always toted things around in those nasty plastic bags. Kyle & I have been making a conscious effort not to use plastic bags from stores if we don't need to. The other day I had a cashier look at me like I was an alien when I told her I wouldn't need a bag.
Plastic Bag Rehab 2
I finally managed to finish the first bootee. I changed yarn to the squishier lighter green and then last night I got stumped at one point in the pattern. Kyle came home from Target with Guitar Hero for our Wii and knitting was all over for the night.
Isn't it interesting, when you have something you really should be working on you manage to do everything but? Maybe it's just me...
Quilt Beginning

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bag is darling!

You're not alone. Oh, how many things I got done this weekend while avoiding the things I should have been doing...

6:38 PM, January 20, 2008  
Anonymous Maria said...

Can't wait to see that quilt. I love Terry Atkinsons stuff!

7:11 PM, January 20, 2008  
Blogger KnitPastis said...

Totally cute bag.I miss my sewing's in storage:) Otherwise, I would be making one of my bags right now.

7:20 PM, January 20, 2008  
Anonymous molly! said...

Your bag is super cute! I love that!! Is today National PJ Day? If so, I can't believe I missed it!

8:13 AM, January 21, 2008  
Blogger Jen said...

Ooh! I really like that bag!!

You're not the only one not getting done what needs to be done. I have a pile of laundry as big as this room that needs to be folded. What am I doing? Blogging and reading blogs. Hah!

8:13 AM, January 21, 2008  
Blogger Queen of the froggers said...

your bag is great! I love your blog header too, the colours are just brilliant, I wish I couldpaint my toenails so neatly!

12:00 PM, January 21, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bag is cute. That never happens to me (working on other projects.) I don't know how those six sox got started...

12:27 PM, January 21, 2008  
Blogger supa said...

Oh, I love the fabric for that bag! Looks like it came out really well.

12:53 PM, January 22, 2008  

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