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Monday, January 23, 2006

Ely in January

This weekend was filled with laughter and visits with family who we tend to see only this time of year, even though we all live fairly close...we need to change that.
Kyle & I headed North to Ely on Friday afternoon. Stopped at a little casino for a 1/2 hour and came out $16 ahead.
Saturday we made our way over to the International Wolf Center and did a little shopping too. The wolves were almost posing for us as this alpha male made his way past us a few times. Huge animals, they look so approachable when there's a wall of glass between you and them.

Of course I visited the local yarn shop, Sisu Designs and found a few must haves. I was wearing a blue down vest at the time, do you see the trend?? Of course the Trekking will end up to be a pair of socks (when? who knows) and the Artyarns merino will be a hat or maybe a Panta to match said vest. I also picked up one of these bags, mine isn't pictured.

And the usual KC self-portrait before we visited a local bar and took over. There were 12 of us which basically took up all the seats at the bar. We played a goofy dice game and took crazy shots...we=my mom and my cousins and me! Good times.


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