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Sunday, February 15, 2009


I recently saw these whirlygiggle quilts popping up all over the internet and knew I wanted to make one. I have oodles (three) of co-workers due with babies this month so I was presented with an opportunity to make a whirlygiggle quilt (or 3 but I only made one). My friend Erin found out she was having a boy (she's in labor right now!) so I naturally went for all boy colors. I REALLY like this quilt a lot. It was a little fussy since the pieces have to be cut out using a template but it did go quicker than I expected. I can't wait to present this quilt to little Liam!
Whirlygiggle Quilt

Whirlygiggle Backside

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Blogger jacquie said...

great job carrie...i love this quilt! that backing fabric is one of my favs...i have a little left in pink but i think my blue is gone.

10:26 AM, March 05, 2009  

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